8 Healthiest Fruits For A Diabetes-friendly Diet


If you have diabetes, you should try to check your blood sugar level often to determine if they are too low, normal, or too high. If a patients do not take action to control his diabetes, it may cause many consequences on the whole body. Instead, improving of diet will have tremendous benefits over the quality of life of a diabetes patients.

Unfortunately, the disease itself is incurable. A healthy diet will regulates blood glucose, optimizes the production and use of insulin, and improves blood circulation in case of greater complications.

The benefits of the Healthiest Fruits For A Diabetes-friendly Diet are:

  • Adjustment of blood pressure
  • Prevention of problems with sight
  • Reduces blood cholesterol
  • Fighting fatigue
  • Improve physical and mental well-being
  • Manages your blood pressure
  • Lowers your risk of heart disease,
  • Regulates bowel movement.
  • Keeps weight gain in check
  • Fills your stomach easily, therefore preventing you from binging on junk food.

The foods on your diabetes eating plan are the same ones that are good for everyone. Try to stick to things that are low in fat, salt, and sugar and high in fiber, like beans, fruits, vegetables, and grains. Fruit consumption is a great way to give your body essential nutrients, but you need to be careful when you have diabetes. Many fruits can increase blood sugar, so you should eat fruits that are good for diabetics.

Here are 7 Healthiest Fruits For A Diabetes-friendly Diet

1. Green Apples

Apple is very important for people with diabetes or those who are at risk of suffering from this disease. Apples are rich in soluble fiber. Therefore, if you eat them, they will delay the absorption of sugar in the intestines, the effect lasting almost the entire day.

Some studies show that women who consume a green apple on an empty stomach have up to 30% fewer chances to develop type 2 diabetes.

According to doctors, we need 28 grams of fiber per day. an green apple has 5 grams of dietary fiber. When eaten on an empty stomach, it also improves body functions for the rest of the day.

2. Red Grapes

Red grapes are actually a great fruit for people with diabetes. Contrary to popular belief, grapes don’t tend to highly elevate blood sugar, nor do they highly increase insulin levels. Resveratrol, a phytochemical found in red grapes, can modulates the blood glucose response by effecting how the body secretes and uses insulin. Grapes also contain fiber and antioxidants, including flavonoids.

3. Oranges

Oranges have high levels of fiber, which is important for the digestive system, and vitamin C, which supports the immune system. The fiber in oranges helps modulate blood sugar by slowing absorption into the bloodstream.

4. Avocado

Avocado is one of the best fruits for diabetics because a 100g serving has no sugar with 7g of fiber. The fatty acids in avocados can bring down glycemic levels in the body. It helps maintain the balance of blood sugar level

5. Pomegranate

Pomegranate is traditionally used as a remedy for diabetes, it has the properties of reducing blood sugar levels and cleansing toxins from the body.

6. Pineapple

Pineapple is a fat-free food rich in fiber and vitamins. Fiber is particularly important for diabetics because it can help lower blood sugar, reduce cholesterol, and regulate the intestines.

7. Apricots 

Apricots are an excellent source of dietary fiber and vitamins. They are especially rich in soluble fiber which forms a gel like substance in the digestive tract and binds with fats to help to remove them. That is the reason why apricots are helpful in reducing LDL and bad cholesterol levels.

Apricots can always be part of your diet plan for diabetes, they do not hurt your blood sugar that much because they are a great source of fiber.

You can have four fresh apricots to get 50% of the recommended daily dose of vitamin A. You can add a few in the salad or add them to cereals.

8. Black Plums

Black plums can help control blood sugar because they contain hydrolysable tannins and ellagic acid. They are beneficial to diabetics because they control how the body converts carbohydrates into blood sugar.

Add black plums in your diet can help you control problems such as frequent urination and excessive thirst. Do not eat more than half a cup of black plums.